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Peach Uterine Cancer Awareness Bracelets

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UTERINE CANCER BRACELET: This brand new Peach wristband will help you and your friends show your support in style. This silicone wristband is designed to be sleek and stylish Uterine Cancer ribbon bracelet for any occasion. With our silicone rubber bracelet, you can show off your support and team spirit for the cancer community with flying colors!
STRONG SILICONE BAND: Each silicone bracelet is made to fit comfortably while not restricting blood flow. Each Peach awareness bracelet is made of high quality non-toxic, eco-friendly 100% silicone. This cancer awareness bracelet is adult size, measuring 8 1/4" inches in circumference and reads "Hope, Faith, Love" on the outside.
UTERINE CANCER AWARENESS PRODUCT: This cancer rubber bracelet will make great a cancer gift or promotional item at events. Our Peach rubber bracelet will brighten up any party or event by showing off your support! Our cool rubber wristband is a great for cancer survivor gift for women and men or even cancer survivor jewelry for your next event. Silicone wrist band makes for great sports bracelet pack or spiritual bracelet accessory.
CANCER BRACELET: Our motivational silicone bracelet will pair well with any event that promotes Uterine Cancer awareness or any other cancer fighting event. By wearing our cancer wristbands you will show your sympathy and support for each and every person battling with cancer. Our bracelet is also great for Parades, Charity Events, Walks, Fundraising Events, Group Meetings and Networks.
USA BASED COMPANY: Fundraising For A Cause was founded in 2005 after our founder Karen Conroy's sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She saw how many people and organizations struggled to raise money and awareness for different causes. She came up with the idea of selling awareness products as a way to generate money for these organizations. Our state of the art 15,000 square foot warehouse located in Tampa, FL is stocked with over 6,500 different awareness products.

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  • Peace River Frankincense

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International Recognition

Message of Greeting from Pastor Rick Warren,Pastor of Saddleback Church in California, USAand author of The Purpose Driven Life,al salaam a’alaykum,I want to express my deep joy and gratitude to all of you who has been involved in the planning and building of this Baptism Center. This is an historic day that we have all dreamed of, talked about, and planned for years. I congratulate my dear friend, King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, and also my dear friend, Prince Ghazi Bin Mohammed, for their vision for this site, and for King Abdullah’s generosity in making the site possible.The opening of this authentic site where Jesus (Peace be upon him) was baptized, will be a place of Peace. It is my prayer that all who visit will have a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, what God sent him to do, and will experience the compassion and mercy of God in this placeAlthough I cannot be with you today, my heart is with you, and I thank all of the world leaders who have graced this site with their presence as we celebrate today. Just as His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI intends to visit the site this May, I also intend to make a pilgrimage to this site in 2010, during my next visit to several Middle Eastern nations.May God bless all of you this day.Rick WarrenDr. Rick WarrenSaddleback ChurchPurpose Driven NetworkP.E.A.C.E. Coalition