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Emerald Caeneus

Kids Ninja Obstacle Course Line15m Kit Hanging

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Tired of your kids crowding the TV and mobile games? Take this ninja obstacle course line kit home and turn the backyard into an amusement park.   The obstacle course kit comes with unique and completed 7 obstacles, including 2 gym rings, 3 carabiners, 2 climbing monkey bars. With adjustable strap buckles, children can easily adjust the distance between obstacles to meet different training needs and create a variety of course set-ups. Attaching much attention to children's safety, the slackline is constructed of premium PE material and can support up to 150 kg. Rubberized gym rings and pine monkey bars well protect children’s hands, also adding more friction. Not only will this ninja obstacle course line kit entertain your kids for hours, but it’s also the newest alternative to traditional sports facilities. During pleasant playtime, children can exercise their balance and sports ability.   Don't hesitate to order it now!   Can be easily and quickly set up for outdoor use Crafted with sturdy PE material to last for years and support up to 150 kg Enhance children’s balance and sports ability during pleasant playing time With gloves to protect children’s hands from scratches and also add friction Features ratchet-tight technology to tighten the slackline and ensure safety Features adjustable strap buckles to meet multiple training needs and levels Train kids on various occasions, such as park, backyard, basement, school, etc With completed and premium accessories for professional training experience Specifications: Colour: As Shown in Picture Material: PE + PP + Steel + Cotton + Nylon Slackline Size:15 m x 5 cm (L x W) Tree Protection Size: 198 cm x 15 cm (L x W) Strap Buckle: 12 cm x 5 cm (L x W) Net Weight: 4.5 kg Maximum Weight: 150 kg Recommended Age: 5+ Recommended Tree Diameter: 15-33 cm Package includes: 1 x Slackline 1 x Climbing Monkey Knots 9 x Strap Buckles 1 x Tree Protector Cushion 1 x Carry Bag 2 x Gym Rings 3 x Carabiners 2 x Climbing Monkey Cars 1 x Work Gloves 1 x User Guide
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