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Organic Shea Butter Body Massage

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Dimollaure 50g-500g Organic Shea Butter Unrefined skin care Esential Oil handmade soap oil body massage oil DIY Base oil

Package:50g/pack in a safely food bag

Quality: High Quality 

Grade:Natural Organic Unrefined

Package date:Latest date

shelf life:2 years


Shea nuts are widely distributed in Guinea and other places in Africa. The fruits are edible and the nuts are used to produce shea butter. Shea butter and sebum secretion of the human body's various indicators are close, containing a wealth of non-saponifiable ingredients, easy to absorb the body, can prevent dry cracking, and further restore and maintain the natural elasticity of the skin. At the same time can play an anti-inflammatory role. Shea butter is known locally as "Women's gold."

How to use shea butter:

1. Use it directly! Take a little in the palm of your hand and rub your hands to make the shea butter softer (shea butter becomes liquid at a high temperature, about 37 degrees.) Apply it to the skin.
If you are afraid of a greasy feeling (shea butter is very nourishing) then the amount should be smaller. When used before going to bed, the effect is better and the shea butter absorbs quickly, but there are still a few minutes to make you feel greasy.
2. For the dry skin, you can use cream after toner. It is recommended to use it at night.
3.DIY handmade soap, hand cream, lip balm is a good raw material, suitable for cream, lotion and other skin care products. Because it contains special active ingredients that have sun protection, it can also be used in sun care products.
4. You can also use it to protect his hair before shampooing.

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