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Puritan's Pride Zinc Tablets Supplement

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Product expiration time: Expires in August 2024
[Specification and content] 100 tablets/bottle, tablet pack
[Product Ingredients] Each capsule contains: zinc (zinc gluconate) 25mg
[How to take] Adults take 1 capsule per day with meals
[Reminder] This product is a dietary supplement, and it is not recommended to replace drugs
[Expiration date] See the bottle barcode EXP (month/year), EXP is the expiration date
Before the slash represents the month, after the slash represents the year

What are the benefits of eating zinc gluconate tablets?

Insufficient zinc in women can lead to a decrease in the production of sex hormones, and the healthy development of breasts and the production of menstruation are closely related to hormones. Eating sugar and drinking alcohol can increase the body's zinc consumption and are prone to zinc deficiency. Zinc can promote the synthesis of protein and maintain the elasticity of the skin, which has a key influence on women's beauty. Zinc is the main component of dozens of enzymes in the body. Zinc is also related to brain development and intelligence. Zinc also promotes the proliferation and activity of lymphocytes, maintains normal epithelial and mucosal tissues, defends against bacterial and virus invasion, promotes wound healing, and reduces acne and other skin diseases. When zinc is deficient, all systems in the body will be adversely affected.

Zinc gluconate contains calcium. Calcium is the largest inorganic substance in the body. It is necessary to maintain the normal function of the human nerves, muscles, skeletal system, cell membrane and capillary permeability. Calcium ion is an important activator of many enzymatic reactions and is necessary for many physiological processes, such as nerve impulse transmission, smooth muscle and skeletal muscle contraction, kidney function, respiration and blood coagulation.

The role and function of zinc gluconate tablets

Zinc gluconate contains zinc. Zinc exists in many enzyme systems, such as carbonic anhydrase, respiratory enzymes, lactate dehydrogenase, superoxide dismutase, alkaline phosphatase, DNA and RNA polymerases, etc. Necessary for the synthesis of nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates and the utilization of vitamin A. Zinc has the effect of promoting growth and development and improving taste. Taste, smell, anorexia, and growth and mental development are lower than normal when zinc is deficient.

Zinc gluconate tablets are mainly used to treat diseases caused by zinc deficiency. Generally, during the growth process of children, there is a great demand for zinc, and sometimes the lack of zinc intake due to unreasonable diet leads to the lack of zinc in the human body. The human body will suffer from dysgeusia, low appetite, anorexia, partial eclipse or pica; decreased body immunity, prone to colds, recurrent oral ulcers, etc.; symptoms such as stature growth retardation, delayed sexual development, and decreased vision.

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International Recognition

Message of Greeting from Pastor Rick Warren,Pastor of Saddleback Church in California, USAand author of The Purpose Driven Life,al salaam a’alaykum,I want to express my deep joy and gratitude to all of you who has been involved in the planning and building of this Baptism Center. This is an historic day that we have all dreamed of, talked about, and planned for years. I congratulate my dear friend, King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, and also my dear friend, Prince Ghazi Bin Mohammed, for their vision for this site, and for King Abdullah’s generosity in making the site possible.The opening of this authentic site where Jesus (Peace be upon him) was baptized, will be a place of Peace. It is my prayer that all who visit will have a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, what God sent him to do, and will experience the compassion and mercy of God in this placeAlthough I cannot be with you today, my heart is with you, and I thank all of the world leaders who have graced this site with their presence as we celebrate today. Just as His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI intends to visit the site this May, I also intend to make a pilgrimage to this site in 2010, during my next visit to several Middle Eastern nations.May God bless all of you this day.Rick WarrenDr. Rick WarrenSaddleback ChurchPurpose Driven NetworkP.E.A.C.E. Coalition